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Marine Corps League Apr 21 2016 

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Marine Corps League

Detachment 1430

April 21, 2016

1905 Commandant calls meeting to order

Recognition of Colors – Pledge of Allegiance recited

Detachment Chaplin led members in prayer

Roll call of Detachment officers taken;

Present were Commandant J. Hartig and Chaplin G. Carel

Absent were Sr. Vice B. Oswald, Jr. Vice A. Crooks, Judge Advocate S. Vater, Adjutant J. Smith, Pay Master A. Brott and Sgt-at-Arms T. Fralin

No new memberships were presented at this meeting

Minutes from March meeting were presented. Motion by Nolte & Second by D. Hartig to accept. Passed.


Adjutant No Report

Pay Master Commandant reported the 501 C was submitted and rejected for minor ”offenses”. Need to tweak a couple of areas to include that the fact that we are not a religious group and that we needed to include our filing fee. We are on the right path and ARE CLOSE !

Chaplin Four Marines were present for Jacob and Joseph Wright’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor held on Sunday April 17, 2015. Both of the Scouts were presented with Good Citizenship Certificates from the Marine Corps League. Present were Commandant Hartig, Chaplin Carel, McKee and Lamkin.

Committee Reports:

Young Marines – none

Fund Raiser – none (placed on hold) Commandant reiterated that one member, Jack Stimac provided to another members two (2) whiskey decanters. These decanters were valuable and “aged”. The decanters were to be part of the auction but since that was placed on hold the member with these decanters need to turn them over immediately to the Commandant. We are getting some negative PR due to this issue and it needs to be resolved ASAP.

Members Sick Jr Vice Aaron Crooks is still out of service but is among of the walking wounded.

Any Marine or member in distress None

Report of Officers Saturday April 20 six Marines presented themselves for the YMCA Togetherhood Project. Marines mulched over 400 trees/bushes (not our numbers) around the House of Orange. Update There is the opportunity to assist in another working party at the House of Orange to complete the mulching project (new pile delivered) The date has yet to be set.

Unfinished Business:

Commandant reported that we have several Saturdays open to work the popcorn stand, taking us through June. Go to the web page Homestead Leathernecks, select Popcorn Stand Schedule and sign up!!

New Business:

Bob Oates reported that a spouse can draw up to half the amount of funds the other is drawing on their current Social Security IF the spouse not drawing was never employed (contributed to SSI). Must be of retirement age and must apply before April 29th.

Denny Hartig presented a report from the popcorn stand: We have worked the stand three (3) Saturdays and have cleared 287.70. We also received 93.10 in donations. The total is 380.80 Denny’s total was 381.01 but since he is not our pay master, we’ll let it slide…… Bob Oates reported that he will check into getting a magnetic sign made up for us to place in lieu of the chalkboard that currently sets on the popcorn corner, letting citizens know who is working the stand.

Announcement from David Ossian, through Commandant Hartig that our detachment will be hosting the Spring 2017 Division Conference. It is set for April 21,22 and 23rd The three day event will be held at the Holiday Inn Express, Generally Friday will consist of a Hospitality Room followed by an auction and then re-open of the hospitality room. Saturday consist of meetings during the day, formal dinner in the evening followed by entertainment. Sunday is usually reserved for check-out, good byes and travel. WE will be needing a Marine to chair this event. The Commandant will provide a checklist from past Division Conferences at the May meeting.

May 21st noon to midnight is the date/time set aside for our detachment to work security for the beer garden that is being sponsored by the American Legion Riders. The garden will be on the grounds of the Vets club. Mike Scusa will be (has) posted a work schedule on our web site.

June 5th , Sunday from 1200 to 1600 Homestead Leathernecks will be hosting the Marine Corps League State Elections at the Veterans Club. Our detachment has a chance to shine but we need all hands on deck to pull this off. We will be providing lunch for up to thirty (30) Marines outside our detachment. Mike Scusa will be putting a sign-up sheet on the web page. Dave Spady will be checking with the Vets Club about using their grill. Shawn Nolte and Commandant Hartig offered to bring hamburger and will check with Jesse Smith and Justin’s Meats about donating brats. Bob Oates offered to bring buns and Jeff Salts volunteered to man the grill. Members need to be present at 1000.

June 18th Saturday is the day of the Homestead Days parade. We will be needing members for the color guard (full dress). Let Bob Schmidt know is you are interested. Those Marines wanting to participate in the parade, but not in the color guard are encouraged to either follow in formation behind the color guard or ride in the 5 ton supplied by Marine Steve Kovar.

Lamkin made a presentation on the information he gathered from six different companies that make or supply US Parade flags, Marine Corps Parade flags, and/or Guidons. After information was presented a Motion by Nolte and Second by Spady to order the parade flags from MSA Brand Products, Fairbury,NE and the Guidon from US Military Direct, Clarksville,TN. Passed. These flags will be ordered after we are 501C qualified.

Lamkin presented information on the Adopt-a-Street/Highway program and the Keep Beatrice Beautiful (KBB) program. The KBB will pay $50.00 per clean up, once in Spring and once in Fall. The clean-up areas are selected by KBB and clubs or organizations and then notified to see if they wish to participate. The adopt-a-highway is an area where an organization keeps the area clean, at least twice a year but the recognition is a sign and post placed in the clean-up area. Motion by Nolte, Second by Schmidt to have Lamkin check to see if the first mile from Hwy # 136/4 towards the Homestead National Monument is available for us to “have”. Passed.

Denny Hartig made a presentation for a Cornhole Tournament on the third Thursday of the month during the summer as part of the downtown celebrations. Two man teams with a $30.00 entry fee can compete for cash prizes with first place taking $500.00. Interest was shown by a few to form a team or teams. A motion by Jeff Salts, seconded by Larry Shaw and passed to move our meeting location and time to coordinate with the tournaments which would be on the same third Thursday of the month with a starting time of 1830, with a muster time of 1800. After further discussion another motion was made by Jeff Salts, who made the original motion, to rescind his earlier motion. This was seconded by D. Hartig and passed. The final result was to leave our meeting date, time and location as is. Those who would like to participate in the third Thursday activities downtown may do at their pleasure.

Marines’ names were then submitted for nominations of offices for our detachment. The elections will be held during our May meeting. The following nominations were submitted

Commandant Darrell Maguire and Dan Parde

Sr. Vice Jeff Salts

Jr. Vice Fred Fugett and Denny Hartig

Chaplin Gale Carel

Pay Master Alex Brott

Judge Advocate Greg Kratz

Adjutant Jerry Lamkin

Sgt at Arms Tim Fralin and Shawn Nolte

Web Sgt Mike Scusa

Motion by Bob Oates, Second by Jeff Salts to accept the nominations. Passed

Next Meeting will be Thursday May 19,2016 at 1900 – Veterans Club Beatrice.

REMINDER: Our detachment email is: Homestead.leathernecks@gmail.com

All the verses of the Hymn was sung, lyrics provided.

Chaplin Carel provide a closing prayer

Next meeting of Detachment 1430 will be held on Thursday May 19, 2016 at 1900, at the Beatrice Veterans Club. This will be election of officers.

March 17, 2016


1900 Commandant calls meeting to order

        Sr. Vice secures room for meeting

        Chaplin led members in prayer

        Pledge of Allegiance recited

Roll call of Detachment Officers taken;

Present were Commandant J. Hartig, Sr. Vice B. Oswald, Chaplin G. Carel

Absent were Jr. Vice A. Crooks, Judge Advocate S. Vater, Adjutant J. Smith,

                        Pay Master A. Brott and Sgt-at-Arms T. Fralin

One new member was presented for membership

Greg Krats, attorney-at-law.  USMC MOS was 0802 artillery



Communication reference the Popcorn Stand.  All went well on our first day March 12.  The stand collected around $135.00 of which we get to keep 70% (around 95.00).  The next date to work the stand is Saturday March 26th.  Two dates in April are also now available April 02 and 30th.  Motion/second/passed to take the two April dates available to us to work the Stand.  To have your name placed on the schedule, check available dates on the WEB page under Popcorn Stand Schedule and then contact Mike Scusa at  scusam@gmail.com

Veterans Affairs contacted us reference a Car Show/Music Festival in June.  They were looking for assistance in putting the project together.  This matter was tabled until the April meeting.

Pay Master

There was a meeting with State Commandant David Ossian.  It looks like everything is on track for our 501C and our Statement of Articles.  The documentation will be submitted to the Secretary of State for approval.  

Currently our detachment is sitting on approximately $500.00 (our money)

Discussion of Membership renewals – will wait until 501C is established.  ANY checks written to the detachment need to be made out to MCL, and our Pay Master will run them through the State Detachment account.

Member/Family in Distress

Jr. Vice Aaron Crooks is recovering from shoulder surgery.  He is currently a “walking wounded”.

Judge Advocate Shawn Vater is also in the slow recovery mode.

Officer Reports


Standing Committee Reports


Special Committee Reports

Lamkin presented information he gathered from the four companies (one local) he had contacted reference a guidon.  Information was also shared on prices of a US Parade Flag and USMC Parade flag. It was suggested that another local company be contacted as well for flag prices and to see if they too could create a guidon.  Information will be present at April meeting.

New Business

Members spoke of Roadside Clean-up and how this too pays.  Discussion centered on $50.00 being paid and how the AM-Vets had a one mile stretch south of Pickrell but are not doing that any longer.  Lamkin agreed to look into this and to contact Linda Grell of Beatrice Clean City.   Motion/second/passed to move forward on this.

Homestead Days Parade discussion held concerning presenting a color guard.  It was discussed that there were US flags, single strap parade belts available to properly outfit a MCL color guard.  The two rifles and simulator .45 caliber pistol and holster would round out the color guard.  All members not assigned to the color guard detail would be asked to fall in directly behind the color guard.

Uniform for the color guard would be black slacks, white shirt, black tie, red jacket and cover.  All other members would be asked to be dressed in black slacks, red polo and cover.  Lamkin (as un willing rep for BPD on the Homestead Days Committee, will contact the Chamber to be placed on the parade roster.  Motion/second/passed

Good Citizen Award presentation to Eagle Scout Daniel Lundstedt will be on April 23, 2016.  Chaplin Gale Carel will be getting further information for location and time.  Ten members would be great to have in attendance.  Sign up will be ( is ) available on our Web page.

Detachment T-shirt design was discussed.  Designs will be brought forth and placed – on our Web page where you can go on-line and vote for your choice.  ONE vote only please.  Bob Oates agreed to head up this project.  Motion/second/passed

VFW/American Legion Color Guard.  Commandant J. Hartig reported that he was approached by Don Junker of the VFW to see if two members would help share color guard duties.  Only requirement was the member also have membership in the American Legion.  Commandant Hartig and Lamkin volunteered for this detail.

Postponed Detachment Fund Raiser until such time as we obtain our 501C status.  Member Jack Stimac provided two (2) whiskey decanters to another member for this fund raiser.  Since the fund raiser was placed on hold the recovery of the two decanters is being sought.  The MCL member that has these decanters are to contact Commandant Hartig ASAP.

MCL Conference 2016 will be held in Kansas City.  State Commandant David Ossian inquired with Commandant Hartig to see if our detachment would care to host the 2017 conference.  After a short discussion this topic was tabled for now.

Detachment member Shawn Nolte, the Princeton, NE VFW Commander spoke briefly on a fund raiser the Princeton VFW will be holding on April 16, 2016.  Flyer attached to these minutes.

For the League

Detachment member Jeff Salts advised that the Beatrice Vets Club will be holding a beer garden on the grounds on Friday May 20, 2016.  They asked for detachment members to assist in policing the event.  Further details will be discussed at April meeting.

NEXT Meeting will be Thursday April 21, 2016 at 1900 – Vets Club.
December 17, 2015
1900 Commandant calls meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance recited
Detachment Chaplin led members in prayer
Roll call of Detachment officers taken;
Present were Commandant J. Hartig and Chaplin G. Carel
Absent were Sr. Vice B. Oswald, Jr. Vice A. Crooks, Judge Advocate S. Vater, Adjutant J. Smith, Pay Master A. Brott and Sgt-at-Arms T. Fralin
No new memberships were presented at this meeting
Minutes from November meeting were presented. Motion & second to accept minutes.
Up Date from Nov meeting was the current status of the detachment guide on.
Lamkin had contact with two companies. The first, Sgt Gritz, will not do custom work again until Feb 2016. The second Production Creek will provide an estimate. On the guide on will be the Eagle, Globe and Anchor in the center with “Homestead Leathernecks” at the top, letters of MCL at the bottom with the detachment number 1430. ** On 27 Dec it was learned that US Military Direct was the company that the Cornhusker Detachment used. Lamkin will continue to follow up on this, as well as production creek. Other companies were then suggested to look in to, Dawg’s Hut, Sgt Gritz and the flag company in Fairbury. Others will be looking into these companies. Shawn Nolte offered to assistg in this endeavor.
Correspondence: Thank you letter received from family of Mike Davidson, flags had been set around his residence
Pay Master Report: Balance of $501.00 on the books
Detachment still trying to obtain 501C4, Tax Exempt status. An attorney had reviewed this and found out that we could “piggy back” the state detachment. Efforts will be made to focus our efforts on this.
Membership Numbers are about eighty-four (84) strong. Currently there are seventy-five (75) signed up and on the books with fifty of those on the charter.
Committee Reports:
Young Marines – none

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